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water drop photography
A continuation of my previous post where I attempted to collide water droplets and freeze them in time by use
Water tale
I've always been drawn to water. I'm a Pisces so I guess I should say "naturally". But this is the
The Space Shuttle Endeavour made it's way from LAX toward the California Science Center this morning. I meant to go
Space Shuttle Endeavour
Space Shuttle Endeavour took it's final flight today and I was fortunate enough to be both at Santa Monica Beach
Jewtholic Teaser from Jeff Gatesman on Vimeo. Marie sees Saints. Not Jesus in a slice of toast or a cloud
The beach crowd enjoying the music, Santa Monica Pier
I really like riding my bike down to the Santa Monica Pier for free music on Thursdays during the summer
Michael Richards chasing us out of his house
Have I told you my story about Michael Richards? In 2001, the British Comedy Awards gave the Seinfeld show their
I was recently contacted by their record company to make a promo video for POP Etc, formerly known as The
Drum Head composite
I am honored to have been interviewed recently for the blog, The Most Talented People In The World. The blog,
Chinese Dragon at twilight
[dc]H[/dc]is self proclamation "I'm kind of famous at Burning Man", I've learned was accurate as news of his untimely death