Personal Work

Hong Kong at Night from the Peak
This is only my second time to Hong Kong but I love this city. It has a heartbeat like no
Red Sari and Blue Door
I spent 48 hours in Delhi India which is a world of contradictions. Overcrowded and loud, traffic zips by you
The ruins of Tulum, an ancient Mayan city outside of Cancun.
Chicago Skyline
I made this panorama of the Chicago skyline using a Zeiss 50mm prime lens on my Canon 5D MkII. The
United Terminal at O'Hare Airport
Handheld, long exposure shot of the concourse between United Airlines terminals B and C at Chicago O'Hare airport.
1949 Delahaye Type 175 S Roadster
Monterey Auto Week has got to be one of the finest collections of rolling art on the planet and the
Derby Dolls starting line
One of my photos from the Derby Dolls collection has been honored with Nominee status by the International Color Awards'
Shelby Cobra
Last week I was working on a project being produced by 21st Century 3D which will ultimately be a 3D
Joshua Tree on Route 93
  In keeping with the theme of Joshua Tree, I was recently driving from Las Vegas to Phoenix along route
Joshua Tree National Park is a surreal landscape in the high desert called Mojave that is scattered with the foreboding,