Personal Work

A mosque in my home town
I moved away from my home town of Berkeley, IL over 30 years ago but still have family there and
Occasionally you come across a product that is so impressive that you want everyone to know about it, and PhotoRescue3
21st Century 3D rig on Techno Crane
The George Barris Car Show came to Culver City this past weekend and I worked with the 21st Century 3D
I have recently updated my DP reel and made it available here. There is nothing worse than a sharp image
A blurry skater at the skate park in Venice, CA
I rode my bike down to Venice Beach on Sunday, as I usually do, but this particular Sunday was unusually
A huge earth shredding machine
Last week I was working on a pilot for a television show and our location was a strip mine. The
Poster frame from See What I'm Saying music video
I just cannot stop marveling over this camera. We recently shot this music video with 3- 5D's and a variety
Stories of what a film crew can do when left unsupervised, with several days off, on a distant location are
It used to be a writers town and it's always been a fighter's town. For writers and fighters and furtive
Driving around the Chicago suburbs at night, checking out the Christmas decorations.