Personal Work

I'm told it's a four-hour drive from Shreveport to Baton Rouge, but my recent run-in with Louisiana Highway Patrol has
Pre-production for the latest feature film I am working on has begun in and around Shreveport, LA, a city built
One of my favorite things to do is wander around a great city at night with my camera. One night
I got my new 5D Mark II a few days ago and I haven't been as thrilled by new machinery
See What I'm Saying, on which I was Director of Photography, won the best feature documentary prize at the Philadelphia
This week I took a trip out to the Salton Sea to try and find a place I had been
Art ToolBits. That is what it all comes down to: bits of color information. The more bits per pixel, the
Hot HeadIn Hollywood everyone is looking for the perfect headshot: an image actors use to market themselves and/or their looks
One of my clients came across some images from her days as a model in New York and she wanted