Bur Dubai

Moustache, Bur Dubai

I Had a chance to take a stroll around one of the oldest part of Dubai today, Bastakiya. Here are just a few of the photos I took on that walk.

The man in gold spoke to me in the kind of English that gave away the fact he was educated. When I told him I liked Dubai, he said “You like Dubai? I hate Dubai.” And then he just walked away.
The Souk is the original marketplace in Dubai and there are different ones for different goods, such as the famous Gold Souk where you can purchase gold without paying tax, or electronics, fish, meat, vegetable, perfume and spice souks, as well as the ancient Covered Souk. 

Abra is the traditional water ferry, but it is soon to be a thing of the past, relegated to the pages of history as the shiny, new new Water Taxi’s start to take over on Dubai Creek.

Bastakiya is an engaging place with lot’s of narrow lanes between buildings to walk in. It was established by textile and pearl traders from Iran and today it has a lively nightlife with little cafes and shows in the evening, after the heat settles down a bit.

Author: Jeff Gatesman

I am a Cinematographer and still photographer. My favorite places are behind a camera or in front of a big screen.

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