Gatesman DP For New Comedy Short

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Jewtholic Teaser from Jeff Gatesman on Vimeo.

Marie sees Saints. Not Jesus in a slice of toast or a cloud formation of the Three Wise men; no,in Marie’s case Moses brings his stone tablet to her dinner party, St. John blows leaves in her back yard, she even has a full conversation with the Virgin Mary and her newly born, yet fully grown, baby Jesus. This may all seem odd for some people, but Marie has been on a path of devoted Christian Faith since childhood, until one catastrophic moment, one devastating turn in her life, reveals her to not be the person she had thought herself to be.

Mazel Tov! 

I shot and edited this hilarious and touching film entitled Jewtholic which was narrated by Academy-Award-Winning actor Louis Gosset jr, and also features Deep
Roy (“Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Eastbound and Down”), the Yuan Twins
(“Observe and Report”), and Sarge Pickman (“New Years Eve”).

Beate Antares wrote the script and plays the lead character and Satie Gossett directed the film. we are currently finished with principal photography and editing and the film has been entered for consideration to screen at the Sundance Film Festival.

Author: Jeff Gatesman

I am a Cinematographer and still photographer. My favorite places are behind a camera or in front of a big screen.

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