Keep It For Your Own by POP Etc

I was recently contacted by their record company to make a promo video for POP Etc, formerly known as The Morning Benders. “Keep It For Your Own” is one of the songs coming out on their newest album and was produced by Danger Mouse.

My instructions were simple: “There is a guy going to hang one of our billboards in Silver Lake. Shoot him doing that, and cut it to the song.”

Well, there always has to a be a story for me, so I wanted to add a bit of mystique to the project. I focused on Chris, the guy hanging the billboard, and cut it so as to not reveal the sign entirely until the end. The best part for me though was hearing the song on the radio for the first time this past week.

Shot and edited by Jeff Gatesman
2nd Camera and assistant, Alexander Brennan

Time lapse of the full moon rising over Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree National Park is a surreal landscape in the high desert called Mojave that is scattered with the foreboding, tree-like cacti from which it is named. It’s unique beauty is also reflected in the myriad of other hearty plants that dot the landscape and is oddly interspersed with other-worldly piles of gigantic rocks.

Toward the end of June the full moon came out and I shot some time lapse of it as it rose slowly over one such gathering of rocks appropriately named Jumbo Rocks.